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What are SBEM calculations?

SBEM Calculations (simplified Building Energy Model) are calculations carried out to any new build, extended or refurbished commercial property over 50m2, reviewing and/or specifying the building fabric, heating, hot water, cooling, ventilation and lighting.

SBEM Calculations review any provide a clear view of the carbon emissions and energy performance of the property as well as ensuring compliance to Building regulations Part L2.

Compliance is displayed through a BRUKL report, the calculations produce a BER & TER for the property,

TER – Target Emission Rate,

BER – Building Emission Rate,

 If the BER is lower than the TER the building complies to Building regulations Part L2, as the target and building emission rates are both calculated and specific to each dwelling, it is always important to have SBEM Calculations completed at a design stage where possible.

If the use of renewable energy sources have been used within the building, such as air/ground source heat pumps, Solar PV, Solar thermal, wind turbines, these can all be accounted for within the SBEM calculations.

When do you need to have SBEM Calculations carried out?

When it comes to having your SBEM calculations carried out, we always recommend this be done as early as possible, competing the calculations during your projects design process can iron out any potential issues before the project breaks ground. With Building Regulations pushing for a greener more sustainable construction industry it is always worth ensuring that your project complies right at the get go.

SBEM Calculations can be completed once the project is underway or even completed, however we recommend to have them carried out as changes in design are a lot less costly than changes on site!

What Do SBEM Calculations Cover?

SBEM calculations cover awide range of elements from the build specification. Each element is reviewed against Building Regulations Part L to ensure compliance. below are the elements that will be reviewed within your SBEM calculations;

  • External Wall Construction/s
  • External Floor Construction/s
  • Roof Constructions/s
  • Glazing and Door specifications,
  • Heating and cooling systems,
  • Hot water systems
  • Ventilation systems,
  • Lighting,
  • Air permeability,
  • Renewable technologies,

What happens if my SBEM Calculations don’t meet Building Regulations Standards?

When it comes to SBEM Calculations it is possible for some elements or the project as a whole to not meet compliance to Building Regulations Part L standards, therefore it is important to have your SBEM calculations carried out as early in the project as possible to ensure any changes can be implemented without additional costs to the build.

If the project is at design stage, your commercial energy assessor will review the project and will be able to make recommendations on how to ensure compliance to Building regulations in the most cost effective way. This can be from small amendments to heating and cooling efficiencies or increases in thermal insulation to compensate. If you are proposing to improve upon the specification or install renewable technologies in your project, let your assessor know and they will incorporate these within the calculations.

If your project is at an as-built stage (complete), the options for amendments being made to the fabric of the building are limited based on the complexity and costs involved, therefore dealing with non compliant SBEM calculations at this stage can be more difficult. However certainly not impossible! reviewing air permeability, lighting and renewable technologies can be a great way to resolve non compliance’s at an as-built stage.

How much do SBEM calculations cost?

With any sort of assessment or calculations it is difficult to provide an cost that fits all developments, however the cost of SBEM calculations are based on the size, complexity and type of project that the SBEM Calculations are required for. SBEM Calculations for a small simple warehouse would cost a few hundred pounds, whereas a large complex project could cost in the thousands of pounds. when it comes to costing it is always best to discuss with your commercial energy assessor the project requirements and get an exact cost.

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