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BREEAM Pre-Assessment
Design Stage & Post Constructions Reviews

A BREEAM Pre-Assessment is the first stage of the BREEAM assessment process. BREEAM is an internationally recognised standard for best practice in sustainable design, As part of your planning application or project requirements a BREEAM rating may have been set/requested. BREEAM assessments provide a benchmark across 51 sustainability issues resulting in certification from PASS to OUTSTANDING.

BREEAM Pre-Assessments

BREEAM is the Building Research Establishment Assessment Method, the world’s leading environmental method for sustainable buildings. BREEAM uses recognised measures of performance to evaluate a building’s specification, design, construction and use.

Planning conditions or client preferences may require your project to obtain a BREEAM rating, the first step of this process is to undertake a BREEAM Pre-assessment. The pre-assessment will review the site/project opportunities and identify early BREEAM credits that can be achieved.

Engaging a BREEAM Assessor to undertake a BREEAM Pre-assessment as early as possible will allow the site and project to gain early stage credits and prepare for design stage credits so an early appointment is always advised.

BREEAM Assessment Stages

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Design Stage
  • Post construction
  • Certification

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Sustainability & Building Compliance

Vision Energy are a leading Sustainability & Energy consultancy working nationwide. We specialise in calculations & reports covering Building Regulations, Planning Permission and all other sustainability or energy needs within the construction sector. With a vast amount of knowledge and experience having worked on thousands of projects across the UK one of our engineers would be more than happy to assist you on your project. SAP Calculations | SBEM Calculations | Energy Statements | BREEAM Pre-Assessments | M&E Design | EPC's | Water Efficiency | Air Permeability

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BREEAM Assessment Measures

Health and Wellbeing – Daylight Calculations, Thermal Modelling, Acoustics

Energy – SBEM, SAP, Air Tightness, Feasibility Study, LZC Report

Water – Water Efficiency Calculations

Materials – Materials used within construction

Waste – Reducing waste during construction and operation

Land Use and Ecology – Contaminated Land

Pollution – Flood Risk Assessments, Noise Impact Assessments

Innovation – Use of technology

Transport – Access to public transport, car parking, etc

Management – Thermography

BREEAM Ratings

When it comes to the overall performance and rating to BREEAM for a new construction project, a number of different factors are considered, these are;


The BREEAM rating level Benchmarks


The environmental section weightings


The Minimum BREEAM standards


The BREEAM assessment issues and credits


The combination of the above factors will ultimately determine the BREEAM rating of the project, below is an overview of the ratings that can be achieved and benchmarks for the ratings as set out in BREEAM. figures taken from BREEAM table 2.3


BREEAM RATNG               % Score

Outstanding                            ≥ 85

Excellent                                 ≥ 70

Very Good                               ≥ 55

Good                                        ≥ 45

Pass                                         ≥ 30

Unclassified                           <30

BREEAM rating benchmarks enable a client and all other stakeholders to compare the performance of a newly constructed building with other BREEAM rated buildings, and the typical sustainability performance of a stock of new non-domestic buildings in the UK. In this respect each BREEAM rating broadly represents performance equivalent to:


  1. Outstanding: Less than the top 1% of UK new non-domestic buildings(innovator)


  1. Excellent: Top 10% of UK new non-domestic buildings(best practice)


  1. Very Good: Top 25% of UK new non-domestic buildings(advanced good practice)


  1. Good: Top 50% of UK new non-domestic buildings(intermediate good practice)


  1. Pass: Top 75% of UK new non-domestic buildings(standard good practice)


An unclassified BREEAM rating represents performance that is non-compliant with BREEAM, in terms of failing to meet either the BREEAM minimum standards of performance for key environmental issues or the overall threshold score required to achieve at least a Pass rating.


What We Can Offer

  • Dedicated assessor throughout your project,
  • Cost effective solutions to ensure compliance,
  • Fully qualified assessors to complete BREEAM Assessments for all building types,
  • Commitment to work to client’s deadlines to ensure a smooth delivery of each project.

Why Use Vision Energy?

Vision Energy have worked on thousands of projects across the UK and always ensure that the clients requirements come first, we understand that each development is individual and comes with its own challenges, with this in mind we take the stress out of the additional requirements that have been set on the carbon emissions by taking care of every aspect of the BREEAM Assessment for you.

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What are the different BREEAM Ratings?

When it comes to the overall performance and rating to BREEAM for a new construction project, a number of different factors are considered, these are;

  • The BREEAM rating...
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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a BREEAM Assessment is bespoke to each project and is also dependent on the required BREEAM Rating that is required. A BREEAM Assessment from Pre-assessment stage to post-construction stage can range from £10,000 – £50,000+ (Excluding VAT)

A BREEAM Pre-assessment will cost between £1200 to £2000+VAT depending on site factors and BREEAM certification requirements

The BREEAM assessment process will run across the whole project duration. The BREEAM is split into stages across the project but the BREEAM Assessor will have involvement in the process throughout. This is to ensure that the relevant credits and information is collected at each stage

A BREEAM Pre-assessment will take approximately 7-15 working days to complete. this can alter depending on the availability of the project team and project complexity.

BREEAM is regulated by the BRE Group, all certification, training and quality control is managed by BRE