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Find out how Vision Energy can take care of all your compliance needs for your new Build Project

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Conversion SAP CalculationsSAP Assessments & EPCs

Vision Energy can take care of your energy assessments for your conversion project, find out more today

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Extension SAP CalculationsSAP Assessments & EPCs

All Extensions with 25% or more glazing compared to the floor area require SAP & EPC assessment and calculations, find out more

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From concept to completion

Vision Energy & Sustainability cover a wide range of energy & sustainability services, from concept stage to completion, Get in touch with our technical team to discuss your project

SAP Calculations & Assessments
EPC's For All Building Projects

SAP Calculations in accordance with Building Regulations part L1A (new builds) and part L1B (extensions and conversions). All SAP Calculations are comprehensive and include U-values, Reports for Building Control, and advice and specifications to ensure compliance. We will work with each project from the design stage all the way to completion to ensure the project runs as smooth as possible.

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Vision Energy will work with you on your commercial project from design stage all the way through to completion, Vision energy strive to ensure that all assessments are completed to achieve compliance as well as providing cost effective and feasible solutions to ensure the smooth delivery of your project.

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Net Zero & Low Carbon Design & Analysis

The reduction of carbon emissions is at the forefront of issues to prevent the impact of climate change across the world. In designing a net-zero or low carbon project, you will be able to gain planning permission, design buildings to high levels of comfort and reduce the production of carbon emissions. We have a wealth of experience in thermal modelling and low carbon design to be able to assist with your project, planning permission or designs.

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Thermal Modelling
Dynamic Simulation Modelling

Thermal modelling enables you to understand the performance of a building through a computer-generated model, allowing projects to further understand the energy consumption, carbon emissions, comfort, overheating & daylight factors that impact a project

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Energy statements are reports showing the reduction of carbon emissions of the proposed project based on the required planning policies or planning conditions, We have completed projects across the UK from small residential schemes to large multi-use projects, achieving the required C02 reductions in the most cost-effective & site appropriate manner. If your project has been set a condition to provide an energy statement to show the reductions in carbon emissions, have a chat with one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.

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Overheating Analysis for Residential & Commercial Developments

During the design of your project, it is important to ensure that not only the dwelling is insulated well but also does not overheat across the year. Overheating analysis may be required to design around non-compliance overheating issues, as part of planning permission or as part of an energy statement.

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BREEAM Pre-Assessment
Design Stage & Post Constructions Reviews

A BREEAM Pre-Assessment is the first stage of the BREEAM assessment process. BREEAM is an internationally recognised standard for best practice in sustainable design, As part of your planning application or project requirements a BREEAM rating may have been set/requested. BREEAM assessments provide a benchmark across 51 sustainability issues resulting in certification from PASS to OUTSTANDING.

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Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

Daylighting and sunlight assessments are requirements for certain planning applications, BREEAM, and sustainability assessments. They determine the available natural daylight to enter the proposed development and surrounding buildings.

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Building Services Design

Building services design from concept to completion, specialising in low and net-zero carbon, our team of consultants have delivered projects across to the UK and across a wide range of disciplines. find out how we can assist with your project

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Tightness Testing

Vision Energy are leading suppliers of Air Tightness testing for new build residential and commercial properties across the UK, When achieving compliance to Building Regulations, Air Tightness (Permeability) Testing targets are set at a design stage within your SAP or SBEM Calculations, If you have not yet had your SAP or SBEM calculations carried out, get in touch with one of our technical team for assistance

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Sound Insulation Testing
in Accordance to Building Regulations Part E

Building Regulations Part E requires sound insulation testing to ensure that the partition wall & floors meet the required standards for sound insulation. Vision Energy have worked on a huge number of projects across the UK to design and test in accordance to Building Regulations Part E. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your design or testing needs.

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Efficiency Calculations

Vision Energy provide Water Efficiency Calculations for Building Regulations Part G, a maximum water usage figure of 125L per person per day must be achieved to meet standards within Building Regulations. Failure to comply with these requirements can affect the new dwellings SAP Calculations.

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Sustainability & Building Compliance

Vision Energy are a leading Sustainability & Energy consultancy working nationwide. We specialise in calculations & reports covering Building Regulations, Planning Permission and all other sustainability or energy needs within the construction sector. With a vast amount of knowledge and experience having worked on thousands of projects across the UK one of our engineers would be more than happy to assist you on your project. SAP Calculations | SBEM Calculations | Energy Statements | BREEAM Pre-Assessments | M&E Design | EPC's | Water Efficiency | Air Permeability

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