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Commercial EPC Macclesfield & Cheshire

Commercial EPC for market sale or rental, If you have a commercial property that is on the market for sale or rental, more than likely you will require an EPC. We cover all commercial building types and can work with you on cost, lead time, and specific project requirements.

Who requires a Commercial EPC?

All commercial properties that are on the market for sale or let will require an EPC (energy performance certificate). The EPC is often used to allow prospective buyers/tenants to review and compare the energy efficiency of properties.

Another added element to a Commercial EPC is that during the inspection our qualified assessors will produce a recommendation report outlining the key areas your commercial property could improve its EPC rating, reduce energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.

What are the EPC rating bands?

When a commercial EPC is produced, Your property will be given a rating from A-G, with ‘A‘ displaying the highest rating and ‘G‘ being the lowest rating. The EPC rating displays how energy efficient the property is and shows comparisons to typical stock and new build standards.

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Sustainability & Building Compliance

Vision Energy are a leading Sustainability & Energy consultancy working nationwide. We specialise in calculations & reports covering Building Regulations, Planning Permission and all other sustainability or energy needs within the construction sector. With a vast amount of knowledge and experience having worked on thousands of projects across the UK one of our engineers would be more than happy to assist you on your project. SAP Calculations | SBEM Calculations | Energy Statements | BREEAM Pre-Assessments | M&E Design | EPC's | Water Efficiency | Air Permeability

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What areas do we cover?

We cover Macclesfield and the surrounding areas for our commercial EPC’s, we do also operate nationwide so please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding your project.

What is the process for obtaining a commercial EPC

To get a Commercial EPC for your property, one of our commercial energy assessors will attend the site and collect information on a wide range of elements within the building, the categories of information the assessor would collect are;

  •  Construction details for wall, floor & roof elements
  • Glazing specifications
  • Property age, type, and use
  • Property Geometry 
  • Heating, Hot water & Ventilation specifications
  • Lighting details

This information will then be used to create a model of the property of which the energy efficiency can be assessed, the assessment looks at the carbon emissions produced from the building, the annual energy consumption, and the thermal performance of the building as a whole. from this, the commercial EPC rating and certification can then be produced. 

Our accredited energy assessors will then be able to review the potential improvements for the building and advise you on the options including costs and savings.

All of our assessors are qualified Non-Domestic Energy assessors and licensed to undertake Commercial EPC assessments.

What happens once the EPC is complete?

Once your commercial EPC is completed, the certificate will be issued to you directly as well as being added to the EPC register, Each EPC has a unique reference number (RRN) that will allow the EPC to be accessed on the register.

How to Book your EPC

If you are looking to book your EPC with us or wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to complete the form at the top of the page, send us an email or give us a call and one of our assessors will be glad to help you.