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What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is a sustainability assessment method for projects ranging from refurbishment projects, Masterplanning, New construction, and in-use. The assessment method is based on the project in question obtaining ‘credits’ within sustainability categories. for an example the below categories are set out within the BREEAM New Construction 2018 Manual

  • Management
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Land Use and Ecology
  • Pollution
  • Innovation

Each category is then broken down into a number of credits that can be achieved per project. for example in the Energy category the following credits are available.

  • ENE 01: Reduction of Energy Use and Carbon Emissions (13 Credits Available)
  • ENE 02: Energy Monitoring (2 Credits Available)
  • ENE 03 External Lighting (1 Credit Available)
  • ENE 04: Low Carbon Design (3 Credits Available)
  • ENE 05: Energy Efficient Cold Storage (2 Credits Available)
  • ENE 06: Energy Efficient Transportation Systems (3 Credits Available)
  • ENE 07: Energy Efficient Laboratory Systems (5 Credits Available)
  • ENE 08: Energy Efficient Equipment (2 Credits Available)

This means, in theory, if all of the above subsections are applicable to the project and the BREEAM assessor or stakeholder is looking to aim for all of these credits a total of 31 Credits could be available for the Energy Category. The more likely scenario is that not all sections are relevant or applicable for the project so the most relevant subsections will be selected and aimed for by the BREEAM Assessor, stakeholder, design team etc

BREEAM is widely recognised and widely adopted across the globe and more frequently becoming part of the planning permission process. a wide number of our clients have applied for planning permission on a project and the local authority have set a required BREEAM standard to be met, for example, BREEAM Very Good or BREEAM Excellent. Whilst this may not have been accounted for or allowed for in the project’s initial scope it is something that can be a great benefit to both the client and end-user of the proposed development. if the BREEAM assessor/team are appointed early on in the process and takes a proactive approach to the BREEAM process you will find that the implementation of BREEAM can increase value and attractiveness to your project.

When it comes to the BREEAM Pre-Assessment and assessment process, it is always best to get a BREEAM Assessor on-board as soon as possible and allow for regular correspondence & workshops or design meeting throughout the RIBA stages to ensure that the BREEAM route is on track. The BREEAM assessor’s role is to guide and assist the design team through the BREEAM accreditation process and allow the team to better understand the available credits and how these can be achieved. implementing the BREEAM assessors reports into the tender documentation or project timeframe would allow the relevant surveys, documentation and evidence to be collected as early as possible.

The Certification process is normally split into two parts, an interim certificate will be issued on completion of the design stage assessment, this is to display the BREEAM rating that the project is aiming to achieve on completion and shows the currently implemented plans and documentation.

On completion of the project, a Final BREEAM certificate will be issued on completion of the post-construction BREEAM assessment. This stage is where the design team and assessor will collate together the final evidence sets and surveys/reports required. this will also be a stage where all relevant documentation is together for the handover of the project to the client.

BRE are the governing body for BREEAM Assessments and on completion of a successful QA process will issue the client with the BREEAM Certification confirming the final BREEAM rating.

Explore our site to find out more about the BREEM Pre-Assessment and assessment process.

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