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Going Net Zero Carbon

In this article, we will be discussing how some construction companies are dedicated to working on the principles of Net Zero Carbon emissions, here in the UK. But before we dive into that, let’s understand what the term Net Zero Carbon implies and why it is becoming so important today as climate change and environmental conditions are taking shocking turns and are presenting the views of highly endangered and unstable world resources.

What does it mean to achieve net-zero carbon emission?

Achieving net-zero emissions basically is the idea of producing little to no greenhouse gas emissions. Further, it includes the offsetting of any gases that are produced since it is very difficult for many industries to completely reduce their emissions to zero.

Companies/industries and even countries that have achieved this goal run all their essential tasks in a way that is very compliant with sustainability rules. What this means is that their economy ideally works in a way that it is not dependent on any activity that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. It also practices offsetting any emissions produced through multiple ways for example through something as little as planting trees or something a little more complex like inventing and exploring modern technologies that can capture carbon before it is released into the air.

So this was a basic introduction to the fundamentals of achieving a net-zero carbon style in all essential activities that are carried out when running businesses, companies, and entire countries.

I mentioned earlier that achieving the goal of net-zero carbon has become very important in today’s world. I did not just make this rather bold declaration without reason. Let’s discuss.

Why is it so important to go net-zero carbon today?

Every single day we can see topics like climate change and environmental disasters making headlines on televisions. Undeniably, our planet is under great threat from our not very environmentally friendly practices. To name one: the unhealthy and excessive release of greenhouse gases in the environment as a consequence of industrial practices, gases given off from vehicles, etc. One of the most common emissions is Carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas our planet Earth is highly sensitive to and even small amounts of it can create great disturbance and reactions such as the damaging of the ozone layer. The thing is that if we do not give importance to this concept of net-zero carbon, these poisonous gases will create unsuitable environmental conditions and greatly harm nature’s sensitive balance in the atmosphere.

Hence, it is extremely important to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and go net-zero carbon.

Thankfully enough this issue has been brought up on several environment-friendly platforms which have inspired many businesses and start-ups to add achieving zero net carbon as part of the company’s rules.

Similarly, there are several construction countries here in the UK that have adopted these socially responsible practices too. This change became more noticeable especially after the UK government came forward to take strict action as a means of countering climate change and to curb its growing carbon emissions.

In fact, the government of the UK has made world records by introducing history’s first-ever most ambitious climate change target of aiming to reduce the country’s carbon emissions by 78% by 2035. Moreover, the country has even allotted a decent proportion of its budget to address this climate change crisis. 

How do construction companies contribute to greenhouse gas emissions?

Here are some facts and figures.

  • Construction companies are responsible for at least 38% of total global emissions
  • Construction companies have a major say in achieving goals like this zero net carbon one we are talking about. In fact, their contribution is considered to be so high that if we want to keep our greenhouse gas emissions below the 1.5/2C level, compliance from this sector is essential.

Now that we understand the importance of construction companies in this matter, let us continue the discussion regarding how through the collective effort of the country’s government construction companies in the UK are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and are working their way to achieving zero net carbon.

Mentioned below is a list of new laws and regulations that many construction companies have agreed to abide by following government directives.

Let us dive right in!

  • To start, construction companies plan on eliminating 78% of diesel plants from construction sites by 2035. This is one goal that will require steadfast determination but also one which has the potential of bringing great betterment in environmental conditions.
  • They plan on connecting the public and active transport and working to include EV charging in places where parking is available. All of this is expected to be done by the year 2025.
  • Many construction companies have collaborated with government officials to collectively deliver retrofitting to 27 million homes by 2040
  • Companies have also agreed on constructing all new buildings with low carbon heating systems from the year 2025. Moreover, from the same year, all the new homes and buildings that are to be constructed will be designed in such a manner that they have minimized energy demands.
  • Companies have also taken it upon themselves to educate and raise awareness on this very important matter. To execute these educational ideologies, they have decided to provide all associated members which also include public members who are involved in buying and making investments, with information regarding carbon data. This is aimed at allowing them to understand the basic concepts of going carbon net-zero and also some essential guidance regarding the proper methods of its implementation. This will help create a more socially responsible environment and will ensure everyone’s contribution to achieving this goal, greatly speeding up the process of moving towards a zero net carbon lifestyle.
  • Lastly, Companies are now required to offer all clients alternative Net-Zero design options that they may consider before making any investments

So, this was all about the contribution of construction companies in achieving the UK’s goal of going Net-Zero Carbon!

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